9:30 -10:00



10:00 -10:30

Welcome note

Dr. Jakob Messerli: Director Bernisches Historisches Museum

Prof. Thomas Späth: Center for Global Studies, University of Bern.

Zainabu Jallo & Samuel Bachmann

10:30 -12:00

Session One

De-colonizing the Museum Keynote: Dr. Boris Wastiau

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Lionel Pernet & Dr. Grégoire Mayor

Dr. Sandra Ferracuti

Questions & Discussion

Chair: Dr. Alexis Malefakis

12:00 – 13:00


Location TBA

13:00 -14:30

Session Two
The Biography of Objects
Keynote: Prof. Dr. Nicholas Thomas

Guest Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Beate Fricke

Dr. Alban von Stockhausen

Questions and Discussion

Chair: Dr. Michael Toggweiler

14:30 -15:15

Coffee Break


15:15 -16:45

Session Three
Transformation of Meaning Keynote:
Dr. Anna Schmid

Guest Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Schorch

Prof. Dr. Michaela Schäuble

Questions and Discussion 

Chair: TBA


Speaker`s Dinner

Location TBA



9:30 - 11:00

Session One:
Material Culture and Religion
Chair: Urte Krass

Urte Krass:

The transformations of tortoiseshell cases
on their way through India and Europe around 1600.

Niklas Wolf:

Voodoo and the state of inter. Bildproduktion und Medien westafrikanischer Vodun zwischen Identität und Alterität

Roberto Costa:

Polyptych and polytemporality: The Case of an Allegoric Asmat Altarpiece.

Susan Marti:

Forgotten objects: Medieval memorial banners moving from the monastery to the museum

11:00 – 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 - 12:45

Session Two:
Urban Transformation
Chair: Carine Ayélé Durand

Carine Ayélé Durand:

Re-assembling the transnational mobility of two totem poles from

Carl Deussen:

“To give away my collection for free would be nonsense” - The Role of Decorations and Medals in 19th-century Ethnographic Collecting.

Julien Glauser:

PLAY Bordeaux: Street skateboarding on works of art, a reflection on art, skateboarding and urban spaces.

Etienne Wismer:

From Travelling to Representation to Expropriation: Considering a Scenic Wallpaper through time

12:45 – 14:00


Location TBA

14:00 -15:30

Session Three
Museology and Representation

Cécile Bründlmayer:

"Out of Context"- Translocation of West African Artefacts to European Museums: The Case of the Leo Frobenius Collection from Mali.

Mary Mbewe:

From Chisungu to the Museum: Collecting, Documenting, and Representing the Chisungu Female Initiation at the Moto Moto Museum in Zambia, 1950 to 2016.

Zumrad Ilyasova:

From Bukhara to Bern. Central Asian Textiles in the Collection of Henri Moser.

Floriane Morin:

Heritage and political issues. The multiple identities of a Bamoun war calabash acquired by MEG during the collapse of the kingdom.

15:30 – 15:45

Coffee Break


15:45 -17:15

Session Four 
Round up Discussions
Samuel Bachmann
Zainabu Jallo



Open Apéro

Location TBA


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